About Us

Located in beautiful Boise, Idaho, Ashbury Publishing is not a large operation. In fact, we currently only have one title, Introduction to Sociology. But what we lack in size we make up for with our drive to provide the highest quality introductory sociology textbook available.

Why the collaborative approach is superior

Our book is set up in the same format as a university department. Everyone within the department shares the same discipline, but each has his own area of specialization. This micro-level focus allows them to achieve a deeper knowledge in their specialized field, and students gain the insight that only someone genuinely masterful is able to share.

It is our belief that in the future, all academic textbooks will utilize the collaborative approach and allow their authors to write about the areas in which they specialize. If you have a particular medical problem you would want to see a specialist—someone whose sole focus is the problem you’re suffering from as opposed to a general physician. The same should be true in academics. However, in the current world of single author textbooks this is not the case, but it soon will be.